Cyber Security

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The Problem


Vulnerabilities are weaknesses present in a computer that can exploited by hackers and attackers to get unauthorized access to another’s system. They are caused due to complexity, connectivity, familiarity, poor password management etc.

Data Breach

Data Breach is hacking and stealing data from one’s system with unauthorized access. The most common data breach targets are financial reports, Health reports, Legal reports and contracts and IT security data

Advanced Persistent Threat

It is a type of attack where the hacker after gaining access to the victim’s system, stays there for an extended time period without any detection. APTs are used for espionage purposes.

The Solution - Cyber Security

Penetration testing

We at fomada offer multiple types of penetration testings like IoT, Web, Wireless and Network. The penetration test is simply done by manual or automated ways to get past through the servers. It covers a large amount of vulnerability of a system.

Network Security

Network Security becomes complex when you don't understand your needs. Fomada helps to plan everything and create a proper solution which includes Intrusion detection system, Intrusion Prevention System, Firewalls and Unified Threat Management.

Infrastructure Security

A lot of important things like DNS , Mail and other communication over internet are a part of Infrastructure which is crucial and important to secure. Fomada intriduces security and encryption to protect the infrastructure.


SIEM is an approach in which we collect data from the relevant sources of the IT infrastructure like firewall, Servers, Operating system, intrusion detection system, and all the other important devices. The logs are being monitored in real-time to provide reports on security-related events and incidents.

End-Point Security

End-point security is the practice of securing endpoints or entry points of a device or a system from malicious software. end-point is security is the frontline cybersecurity method used initially by all the companies to protect their data.

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